Exploring notions of memory and the intimacy, that can be carried through a moment where one bares witness to a certain event. Each piece becomes textured through the tiniest of gestures: a splash of water, a blurred moment or a speckle of light revealing moments, which feel, both ephemeral, fragile and dramatically honest.
Each photograph contains a memory, a small stain of a fleeting moment in time or the essence of a story, none that can be defined as fiction or nonfiction. Exploring concepts of preservation, as if to grasp one’s memory just a moment longer. 



In this series I wanted to capture a story through blurred eyes, a motion charged narrative that hinged on a sense of apprehension or indecision. The works drift between bursts of clarity and the mysterious; as if the viewers are weighing in or baring witness to a motion not meant for observers. Statements and narrative are always part of my work. I use my visual communication to express something’s that I can’t necessarily express with my words. With this series I was experiencing a roller coaster of emotions and it became a representation of a milestone in my life, a discovery of a place that I never knew I could fall so deeply in love with.


I produced this series of work in the sink of my first apartment in Chicago. I felt inspired by the incredibly busy and musical world that I had stumbled into when I first arrived in Wicker Park. I wanted to produce a body of work that would represent my world and I really couldn't afford to spend money on materials. This series just evolved from an accident that had happened in my kitchen and as I started to play a little more my kitchen turned into my studio. I used found photographs from thrift stores and old magazines. I used water and mirrors to distort the photos into motion filled abstractions and continued to manipulate these digitally. 

Kate Darmody