A postcard from Whistler’s wild mountain ranges

Where You’ll Find Long Fjords, Fresh Snow, Spectacular Trails And Adventurous Souls.

We sat around noisily slurping second rounds of soup around a thick wooden table in our van. In the afternoons, we’d all lounge on chairs around the picnic table in our campsite, in a spell of bluebird warmth. We’d sip on ciders and munch on crackers. They would tie us over until we could summon the energy to make dinner, whilst giggling at the turn our life had taken. The simple things in life made us most happy.

We’d watch bears fumble around in the grass from a distance and count the silver-thread waterfalls lining the mountains, spin maps in sunburned hands and point to tree-lines on the horizon that we longed to be amongst.

Later, around 9pm (no onewould know for sure as the sun never really set) Sarah would whip out a deck of cards and we would play until the early hours of the morning. And though it was only day 3 of our van adventures, we’d all entertained the same thought: despite the situation, this was the best trip ever.

Most of our adventure would be map-in-hand exploration- the daily theme included hike and a chilled cruise in van to the next place where we would be spending the night.

In our first 24 hours of our van adventures, we climbed all day, finally anchoring in a pretty little campsite by a white-water river. We watched the sun sink behind the mountains late in the evening but by then we were already warmed by a pinewood fire and toasted marshmallows. I snuck off to bed with smoke in my hair; knowing whatever was install for tomorrow would be anything but boring.