A travellers Manifesto


One must traverse many latitudes...

And visit many places and see many things. One must know the wild, see the flowers falter at the sun and feel how the birds fly. One must be able hold memory of unknown roads journeyed close to their chest.

One must be able to think back to unexplained moments of struggle and moments of hysterical joy, unexpected meetings and partings, to childhood days spent within the arms of trees, to mornings spent in the salt air by the sea. One must be able to think back to sun risings and fallings, to mountains conquered and achievements accomplished, to nights ignited by the milky way, to sea salt lacing their skin in the ocean and the smell of bonfires in their hair.

And it is not enough even if one may think of all of this. One must know a lover’s touch, the shriek of terror and cries of pain. One must know the milk skin of a newborn and the sight of joy in another’s eyes. One must experience the royalty of honest love and the comfort of a family’s bond.  For we should all have had the opportunity to sail with the stars. And even when it is not enough to think of all of this; one must be able to neglect these memories for they are so fleeting and frequent. And then finally, one must patiently wait until these fleeting moments return again, into the sacred sphere of their mind.